It is the event organizer’s responsibility to review the following disclaimers and notify guests.

    • It is the organizer’s responsibility to obtain the permission from parents/ legal guardians of the children that are to be painted/drawn/temporary tattooed at the event.
    • It is parent’s and organizer’s responsibility to notify an artist about allergic reactions, sensitive skin and other related conditions prior the children being painted. Artists and WOW Party Art are not responsible for any damage, illness or injury caused by our services.
  • WOW Party Art and its artists keep the right to take pictures and videos for advertising and promoting purposes only. The pictures will be taken with the children’s and their parent’s consent.

  • All products we use are FDA approved and considered to be safe for use on skin. Most of our products used for face and body painting are water-based and are easily removed with water. However, we use alcohol-based products for specific services like waterproof face painting. You’ll be notified about any precautions and possible results and you will hold liability for any problem issued from the use of these media. Also, please keep in mind that all cosmetic products can be a cause of allergic reactions and we accept no liability for it. It is the event organizer’s and parent’s responsibility to alert the artists about allergies prior to the children being painted.
  • Our water-based face and body paint is easily removed with soap and water. Alcohol-based products can be removed with make-up remover or baby oil. Please, keep in mind that some paint may leave a light tint on the skin and should fade in a day or so.
  • Some products that we use (including alcohol-based products) can leave stains on cloth, clothing and objects. WOW Party Art and its artists are not responsible for any damage.

  • To provide safe and organized experience, we strongly recommend for the parents to not let children near equipment and paints. Please make sure that children are supervised at all times.
  • Please supervise children in lines for our services at all times. WOW Party Art and artists are not responsible for the welfare or safety of people or children waiting in line to be painted.

  • WOW Party Art and its artists keep the right to refuse to paint any child with restraining medical conditions, such as broken skin, open wounds, skin infection, cold symptoms, eye infections etc.
  • Artists will not tattoo, draw or paint without consent/against the wish of the person who’s getting the service.
  • Artists have the right to refuse in creating offensive, violent or inappropriate content.
  • Artists have the right to leave if being physically or verbally abused and or harassed.
  • WOW Party Art reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time. All deposits will be refunded in case of cancellation by WOW Party Art.

  • Once the queue has been closed, no-one else will receive services.

WOW Party Art and its artists are not responsible and don’t hold any liability for any health or any property damage caused by our services.