Backdrop Series – Golden Hoop Rental

Dress up your next party with our most popular rental – everyone’s favorite golden hoop! It’s a trendy and unique backdrop option for any event including adult and kids birthday parties, seasonal celebrations and showers! Let’s look into some possible design options for this rental!

Easy Pricing Guide


  • Does it need any support? Can it be placed outdoors?

This rental is fully self-standing and doesn’t need any support! As long as it’s placed on firm ground/floor, it can be displayed both indoors or outdoors!

  • How big is the Golden Hoop?

It’s approximately 7.5 ft x 7.5 ft! Please note that balloons on the sides will add about 2-3 ft as well! Check out our decorator Karina (5’5″) right next to it!

  • Can we move it?

Absolutely! Once the decorators are finished assembling the installation, you can move it wherever you like it best!

Design option I – ONe side Balloon Garland

One of the most popular options is having balloon garland on one side of the Golden Hoop! This designs leaves plenty of space for big family and group pictures while still displaying the balloons!

Design Option II – two side balloon garland

Definitely a winner is you are looking for a more complete and finished look to create a statement photo op at your event! Still features plenty of space for all the fun group pictures though!

Option Number III & V- Full Circle Garland & Double circle garland

Another two beautiful options to consider if you are choosing Golden Hoop! Create a full and complete look with the balloon garland going all around the hoop (option number III) or even double the circle to create a gorgeous elaborated backdrop!

Option Number IV- One side cascading garland

Instantly attract your guests attention with this gorgeous option! Lavish balloon cascade is perfect as a stunning eye-catching centerpiece for your next event! Plenty of room to fit all your loved ones in the pictures with a beautiful balloon backdrop in the back!

Having your own unique idea? Share your vision with us and we’ll be more than happy to create one-of-a-kind installation!

More Ideas From Our Clients!

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