HENNA TATTOOS – Great ideas for any summer party

Planning a summer event filled with all kind of fun interactive activities? Consider adding beautiful henna tattoos for all your guests to enjoy! Our talented henna artists can create all kind of designs – from simple cartoonish images to elaborate patterns!

First things firsts

What is henna?

Henna paste is made using henna powder – a natural pigment sourced from henna tree – and a few other ingredients such as essential oils, sugar and lemon juice! We only use natural and organic components to make the henna paste!

Who can use henna?

Anyone! Since all the ingredients are natural, everyone can enjoy henna temporarily tattoos – as long as your guests are not allergic to dyes, essential oils, lemon juice, coffee and sugar!

Colored henna!

Lookin for a pop of color? We got you! Check out our temporary color henna tattoos! While they are not exactly made out of henna, they are still safe to use and were specifically designed for skin application using only FDA-approved ingredients. We offer variety of colors – ruby, goldenrod, lime green, lagoon blue, purple, periwinkle, pink and of course white!

Colored henna doesn’t pigment your skin – it rather sticks to the very top layer of it and hardens resulting in a colored tattoo. The best part? You can take it off at any moment!


While regular henna isn’t instantly waterproof – it takes about 24 HRS for henna pigment to stain the skin and we do not recommend swimming or showering during that time – our colored henna is instantly waterproof once it dries! That makes it a perfect option for all the slip-n-slide, pool and splash parties!

How long does it take?

Average henna design can take anywhere between 5-15 minutes per person depending on the complexity and the amount of details so it’s wise to properly estimate the amount of guests and how long you’d like the artist to stay! Please check with us if you are not sure what would work best and our booking assistant will give you a few tips 🙂


Our talented artists are happy to create all kind of fun designs for your guests of any age! While younger kiddos enjoy funny dinosaurs, crowns, flowers, animals, unicorns and favorite superheroes, adults can get fancy with more elaborated and detailed designs!


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