HENNA TATTOOS – Great ideas for any summer party

Planning a summer event filled with all kind of fun interactive activities? Consider adding beautiful henna tattoos for all your guests to enjoy! Our talented henna artists can create all kind of designs – from simple cartoonish images to elaborate patterns!

First things firsts

What is henna?

Henna paste is made using henna powder – a natural pigment sourced from henna tree – and a few other ingredients such as essential oils, sugar and lemon juice! We only use natural and organic components to make the henna paste!

Who can use henna?

Anyone! Since all the ingredients are natural, everyone can enjoy henna temporarily tattoos – as long as your guests are not allergic to dyes, essential oils, lemon juice, coffee and sugar!

Colored henna!

Lookin for a pop of color? We got you! Check out our temporary color henna tattoos! While they are not exactly made out of henna, they are still safe to use and were specifically designed for skin application using only FDA-approved ingredients. We offer variety of colors – ruby, goldenrod, lime green, lagoon blue, purple, periwinkle, pink and of course white!

Colored henna doesn’t pigment your skin – it rather sticks to the very top layer of it and hardens resulting in a colored tattoo. The best part? You can take it off at any moment!


While regular henna isn’t instantly waterproof – it takes about 24 HRS for henna pigment to stain the skin and we do not recommend swimming or showering during that time – our colored henna is instantly waterproof once it dries! That makes it a perfect option for all the slip-n-slide, pool and splash parties!

How long does it take?

Average henna design can take anywhere between 5-15 minutes per person depending on the complexity and the amount of details so it’s wise to properly estimate the amount of guests and how long you’d like the artist to stay! Please check with us if you are not sure what would work best and our booking assistant will give you a few tips 🙂


Our talented artists are happy to create all kind of fun designs for your guests of any age! While younger kiddos enjoy funny dinosaurs, crowns, flowers, animals, unicorns and favorite superheroes, adults can get fancy with more elaborated and detailed designs!


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Backdrop Series – Golden Hoop Rental

Dress up your next party with our most popular rental – everyone’s favorite golden hoop! It’s a trendy and unique backdrop option for any event including adult and kids birthday parties, seasonal celebrations and showers! Let’s look into some possible design options for this rental!

Easy Pricing Guide


  • Does it need any support? Can it be placed outdoors?

This rental is fully self-standing and doesn’t need any support! As long as it’s placed on firm ground/floor, it can be displayed both indoors or outdoors!

  • How big is the Golden Hoop?

It’s approximately 7.5 ft x 7.5 ft! Please note that balloons on the sides will add about 2-3 ft as well! Check out our decorator Karina (5’5″) right next to it!

  • Can we move it?

Absolutely! Once the decorators are finished assembling the installation, you can move it wherever you like it best!

Design option I – ONe side Balloon Garland

One of the most popular options is having balloon garland on one side of the Golden Hoop! This designs leaves plenty of space for big family and group pictures while still displaying the balloons!

Design Option II – two side balloon garland

Definitely a winner is you are looking for a more complete and finished look to create a statement photo op at your event! Still features plenty of space for all the fun group pictures though!

Option Number III & V- Full Circle Garland & Double circle garland

Another two beautiful options to consider if you are choosing Golden Hoop! Create a full and complete look with the balloon garland going all around the hoop (option number III) or even double the circle to create a gorgeous elaborated backdrop!

Option Number IV- One side cascading garland

Instantly attract your guests attention with this gorgeous option! Lavish balloon cascade is perfect as a stunning eye-catching centerpiece for your next event! Plenty of room to fit all your loved ones in the pictures with a beautiful balloon backdrop in the back!

Having your own unique idea? Share your vision with us and we’ll be more than happy to create one-of-a-kind installation!

More Ideas From Our Clients!

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Make up & SPA Party – All included

Do your kids love makeup, nail polish and all things girly? Well, we have the perfect package to throw them the best make-up party ever! Take a look at our NEW Spa & Make Up set up!

Let’s get this party started

Let us treat your kids to a self-care day with our brand-new Fancy Nancy – Immersive Spa Experience! We come to you and set up everything your little ones need for a glamours Spa Party! Our make up artists will install a luxurious SPA-style table and get all the necessities ready – from the trendy LED make up mirrors and satin robes to cotton-candy flavored lip gloss and Happy Vibes fragrance!

Here’s what the package includes:

  • SPA-themed set up (decorated table, place setting, SPA items, themed decorations, rug and pillows) to set the mood
  • Two Beauty Artists to help the with facials, nail and make up
  • Silk robes and plush headbands for the guests to use (have to be returned at the end of the service)
  • All SPA and make-up products and supplies (face masks, lotions, Epson salt, nail polishes, lip glosses, eyeshadows, blushes, fragrances, etc) to have a perfect experience
  • Flower headband for each little guest to keep the party going even after we are all done!
  • Glassware (plastic) and Sparkling drink (Sparkling Grape/Apple Juice, non-alcohol ofc) to feel fancy just like Momma  – optional
  • Free delivery and take down to make things simple



To start our spa experience, our makeup artists will help the little ones apply fun themed face masks. We offer a variety of themed products that are brightly packaged and fun to use – pretty mermaids, cute animals or favorite fruits! Applying a face mask is no joke and the girls will learn how to use it themselves for the future. Onto the next part – preparing a relaxing hand soak for their hands using the rose petal salt while playing with marbles to add a fun sensory activity! Additionally the girls will learn about using jade rollers and hand lotions!


Once the spa step is over, it’s make up time! One of our beauty artists will be begin painting girls nails while the other artist will invite them to apply the makeup! Here comes the most fun part – looking through all the options for nail polish, nail stickers, lip gloss and eyeshadows (and we made sure there is A LOT to look at!).

Just our nail polish assortment includes about 50 DIFFERENT VARIETIES – matte, iridescent, sparkly, glow-in-the-dark and scented options featuring a large selection of colors! We bring not two or even three but FIVE EYESHADOW PALETTES to choose from! Lip-gloss? More than 15 OPTIONS with different tints and flavors! Every little fashionista will find something they love and our talented beauty artist will help them create their look. But of course we all know that it’s not enough to look good, you also have to smell good! The girls are always offered MORE THAN A DOZEN fragrances and body mists to finish their perfect make up session!


But what kind of SPA doesn’t offer a refreshment and a snack?! Definitely not us – we finish the party by serving a flute of a fancy sparking juice and a sweet a treat! Additionally the girls will get a cute flower headband party favor so they’ll always have something to remember the luxurious experience!

Rain or shine – this stress-free package can be placed indoors or outdoors! Our beauty artists just need about 10-12 ft of space to set up and work in! Mess-free and relaxing party experience not just for the children but for the parents as well! 😉 If you know what we mean!

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Deposit, Cancellation And Weather Policy

Effective June 1st, 2021

Deposit Policy

  • In order to keep the date & time reserved, all new bookings must place a non-refundable 30% deposit.
  • The deposit is counted towards the total balance and is non-refundable in case of a cancellation by the client. In case WOW Party Art has to cancel the services, we will issue a full refund for any deposits/payments made by the client regarding the event.
  • Deposits have to be made within a day from receiving the booking confirmation. If there’s no deposit received, WOW Party Art can’t guarantee that your date and time will stay reserved.
  • Deposits can be made via the payment link with a credit/debit card online that will be included in the confirmation email.

Weather Policy

  • We strongly encourage our clients to have a back-up plan in case of unfavorable/extreme weather conditions such as rain, show, wind, heat, etc.
  • No deposits will be refunded in case of the cancellation by the client due to the weather conditions.
  • If the client decides to cancel the event AND there was an official warning issued for your area due to the extreme weather conditions (e.i. hurricanes, flood, thunderstorms, tornados, etc) within 2 days prior to the event, WOW Party Art will issue the client a refund for any deposit/payment made regarding the event.


  • In case of the rescheduling requested by the client in more than 24 hours prior the event date, WOW Party Art will update its schedule according to the following rule: If the new date and time slot is available for booking, the booking will be transferred to the new date and time. There is no rescheduling fee for successful rescheduling. If the new date and time slot is not available, WOW Party Art reserves the right to keep the deposit and the booking will be canceled. WOW Party Art will refund any amount made on top of the 30% deposit.
  • In case of the rescheduling requested by the client in less than 24 hours prior to the event date, WOW Party Art will act according the following rule: If the new date and time slot is available for booking, the booking will be transferred to the new date and time. The rescheduling fee of $50 will be added to your balance. If the new date and time slot is not available, WOW Party Art will retain the full amount but will refund any tip amounts added to the invoice.


  • In case WOW Party Art must cancel the services, we will issue a full refund for any deposits/payments made by the client regarding the event. 
  • In case of the cancellation by the client when the event date is more than 5 days away from the date of cancellation request, WOW Party Art will issue a full refund for any payments made in addition to the deposit amount but will retain the $30 non-refundable deposit. If the event date is less than 5 days away from the date of cancellation request, all refunds are subject to WOW Party Art discretion. In case of the cancellation by the client in less than 24 hours prior event date, WOW Party Art retains the full booking amount
  • No refunds are issued if the client requested the wrong date or time.  
  • No refunds are issued if a WOW Party Art artist cannot gain access to the venue or locate the party within 30 minutes from the schedules service start time. 

Pick the best services for your event: face painting

Kids will love it

No child will turn down an opportunity to become his favorite superhero or a beautiful princess for a little while. Face painting is a perfect option if you want the kids to be entertained through out the whole time. Even if you are having about 10-15 little guests, based on our experience kids will still come back to our face painters requesting hands and arms designs.

Unlimited options

If you are wondering whether your guests will want to get their face painted – they will! We’ve seen it so many times when teenagers and adults are enjoying this fun party activity. They might not want to do a princess crown or a Spider-Man face but a favorite sports team logo or a favorite TV-show symbolic will do its magic. Our options are not limited by the designs we provide on our sample boards. As long as your guests can explain and describe their idea, our artists will be able to create the design.

Good for any event

Face painting is #1 service for any event where you expect children to attend: birthday party, community and church events, corporate function for families, daycare and school events, the list just goes on! Even if you are planning a pool party or a splash party (and we offer waterproof face painting options on request!) just imagine how it will feel for a kid to play in a pool having a mermaid design or an Aquaman face painting on.
If you have any ideas or concerns whether face painting will work out for your event – please feel free to ask our artists!

Everybody gets painted

Our artists make sure that everybody who is in line will be painted. For community events, corporate functions, festivals and other large events, our artists will always announce when the line is closed. On practice, all people interested in getting a face painting usually get accommodated. However, we ask our customers to keep in mind that our artists work multiple events a day so they might be out of time to stay any longer simply because they have to head towards the next event. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice on the service length!