Top 10 Questions

Hi everybody,

We are getting millions questions about our services so here are the most asked questions to help you out!

1. What types of payment do you guys accept?

Currently we accept cash, checks, money orders and Paypal payments.

2. Do I need to put a deposit?

We do not require any deposits from private parties. Deposits are only required from businesses and communities with total amount more than $600. All deposits are non-refundable and are part of your total amount.

3. When is the payment due?

You don’t have to pay us anything until we finish our services on the day of the event. So the payment is due on the day of your event after we are done with our service.

4. Is it possible for you to stay extra time if needed?

Yes, extra time is available if an artist doesn’t have another booking awaiting them. Please, contact us for extra time rates.

5. How do I cancel your service for my event?

There’s no cancellation fee, your deposit amount works as a fee in case of cancellation. For customers who are not required to put a deposit, there is no cancellation fee. Please, contact us as soon as you make your decision on cancellation!

6. What do I need to provide?

Nothing, only space big enough for a 6-feet table. We bring tent, table, chairs and posters with us.

7. When are you guys coming?

We usually come about 20-30 minutes before starting time to set up.

8. Are your paints safe?

Absolutely. We use only FDA approved face and body paint of professional brands. It is safe to use on skin but, please, be aware that any other cosmetic product, including paint, can cause allergic reaction. For extra-sensitive skin we always bring organic GMO-free and allergy-free paints with us, they are available upon request.

All products we use can be easily removed with soap and warm water.

9. HOW MANY KIDS Can be painted?

We will paint as many guests as you have as long as time allows.

10. Do you dress up to match our theme?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to have a costume for every requested theme. Our artists wear casual neutral clothes but if you have a badge or a party hat – we will be happy to wear it!

If you have any other questions, you’re always welcome to contact us!

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