Pick the best services for your event: face painting

Kids will love it

No child will turn down an opportunity to become his favorite superhero or a beautiful princess for a little while. Face painting is a perfect option if you want the kids to be entertained through out the whole time. Even if you are having about 10-15 little guests, based on our experience kids will still come back to our face painters requesting hands and arms designs.

Unlimited options

If you are wondering whether your guests will want to get their face painted – they will! We’ve seen it so many times when teenagers and adults are enjoying this fun party activity. They might not want to do a princess crown or a Spider-Man face but a favorite sports team logo or a favorite TV-show symbolic will do its magic. Our options are not limited by the designs we provide on our sample boards. As long as your guests can explain and describe their idea, our artists will be able to create the design.

Good for any event

Face painting is #1 service for any event where you expect children to attend: birthday party, community and church events, corporate function for families, daycare and school events, the list just goes on! Even if you are planning a pool party or a splash party (and we offer waterproof face painting options on request!) just imagine how it will feel for a kid to play in a pool having a mermaid design or an Aquaman face painting on.
If you have any ideas or concerns whether face painting will work out for your event – please feel free to ask our artists!

Everybody gets painted

Our artists make sure that everybody who is in line will be painted. For community events, corporate functions, festivals and other large events, our artists will always announce when the line is closed. On practice, all people interested in getting a face painting usually get accommodated. However, we ask our customers to keep in mind that our artists work multiple events a day so they might be out of time to stay any longer simply because they have to head towards the next event. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice on the service length!


2 thoughts on “Pick the best services for your event: face painting

  1. Hello Im interested in a face painting and balloon twisting for a 2 yr bday on August the 20th

    1. Hello Erika,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us regarding your event! We would love to be a part of your celebration! Please feel free to fill out a booking request form for us to gather all the details and check if we are available!

      Thank you,
      Karina at WOW Party Art

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